FAITHFULNESS is a one of the basic requirement for those who wants to succeed in their dealings with God and man.
To be “Faithful” means to be trustworthy.
For those who desire to be great, relevant, effective, and distinct in life, there is no other way around it.
In Christendom, faithful workers are scarce. And we ought to know that God blesses beyond measure, all those who exihibit, faithfulness in His service.

God is looking for men, women, and likewise children who are ‘faithful’ stewards of all He has committed to their hands.
~You should be faithful in the handling of finances and not allow your heart be consumed by the love of money.
~You also have to be faithful in the way you use your authority.
~You should be faithful on how you manage other people’s time, because time is life.

“Stewardship” is a trust that mustn’t be abused.
Remember, one day, you’ll give account of the lives God has entrusted in your hands.
You have to make up your mind on this. And may God help you. 🙂


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